We’re going out to see homes with our agent.


Previewing homes can be fun. I actually call it touring and the only prep I require is to be sure of what homes you want to see and let me do the rest. I would say you would probably want to narrow down the homes you want to see via searches and picture searches about the properties that fit your needs.


I prepare a map of the Hillsborough NJ homes we will visit and the time schedule. Usually I allow for about 30 minutes in each home and give you a listing sheet to view any specifics about the homes we visit.


While previewing, take note of the details of the property. If it has an upgraded kitchen take note of the cabinet style, the colors involved and the counter-top. Anything that stands out to you may help you to remember this one over another. When visiting more than a few homes, you tend to blend in the insides of one to another and make scrubbing your list for re-visiting more difficult.


Look through the listing sheets you were given and make notes on the way to the next house. This will be invaluable when at the end of the day you can make a plus and minus pile to narrow down choices. Here’s the thing… you will never like 100% of any home unless you build it from the ground up (New Construction). Even then having done those, there are things you would do differently next time. My advice is that if you can get 85% in your favor you’re doing well. Around 15% of any home you may not like and even dislike but it becomes less and less important as your time in the home moves forward.


Remember it is never a waste of time to see a home! I learn more about homes every time I visit one.